Lisbon Modern

Discover the modern Lisbon and the best Aquarium in the world in a 6-hour tour. This is a unique tour that will take you where the International Exibition took place back in 1998... read more.

Price €129.00

Lisbon Complete

Discover Lisbon and the unique awe-inspiring sights in a 6-hour self-driving experience on board of a 100% electric vehicle: Twizy! Get lost in Lisbon with a GPS Audio Guide that will always bring you back and safe thru all the points of interest...  read more.

Price €99.00

Lisbon Viewpoints

Lisbon has a total of 7 hills, with belvederes that show you a bright city... read more.

Price €69.00

Lisbon Riverside

Discover the riverside front of Lisbon along the Tagus, side by side with the large gardens, parks, monuments, terraces. Follow our GPS Audio Guide and stop whenever you want... read more.

Price €65.00

Lisbon Hidden

Are you ready to discover the secret side of Lisbon? To know why it is a city of the world? See how Lisbon prepares for the night, the parties, the bars, the Pink Street ... read more.

Price €55.00

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