Group tours

team building, meetings, incentives, conferences, events and more...

Group Tours
Join your friends, family, business associates and take a fun tour driving a 100% electric Twizy car equipped with free WIFI.

Celebrate your friends' birthday, create a unique bachelor party or just upgrade your friends' meeting with a  unique experience that everyone will not forget.

In the end you will have the video memory of your tour! That's because our Twizys are equipped with a live camera that allows you to share everything live on social media or just record the journey as you go.

Corporate Tours

We are the ideal partner for your events and clients.

We organize customized tours from 2 to 6 hours with more than 30 points of interest in Lisbon.

We are an innovative and fun product.

We offer a personalized service that fits your needs.

Complement your offer with our experience.

Create Team Building events, motivational events, fun meetings and more with an ecological and responsible offer.

Tours de grupos - Live Electric Tours

Combined Tours

We organize from 3 to 4-hour tours with a capacity of up to 90 people. We put together various activities for moments of great fun.

100% Electric Vehicle Tour
100% Electric Vehicle Tour


Excursion on the Tagus River on a Speedboat
Excursion on the Tagus River on a Speedboat


Walking tours
Walking tours


We are the ideal partner for your clients and events.

our services also include:

- Group Manager

- Group Escorts

- Specialized Team

- Customized Tours

- Delivery and Survey of the vehicles in a place of your choice.

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