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The Renault Twizy E-tech is a fun little 100% electric car. Made for 2 people, fully automatic and with an autonomy battery perfect for walking around the city, this is a very interesting choice for those who want to take a city tour in total comfort and privacy.

At Live Electric Tours we have a fleet of these vehicles and we equiped them with the best technology and safety measures, so you can have an unforgettable experience in the city you visit.

Autonomy: Choose a pre-defined route or roam freely around the city.

Privacy: Away from crowds, just for you and yours.

Safety: Easy to drive and with insurance that covers all risks.

Free parking: You can stop wherever and whenever you want.

GPS Audio Guide: A fun audio guide tells you all about the city as you go.

Wifi: Unlimited Internet throughout your experience.

Live Camera: You can record your trip and/or broadcast it live on social media, through a live camera placed on top of the car.

Have fun in one of our funny and fully sustainable cars and discover the city of Lisbon in a very innovative way.

Live Electric Tours

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