The fun and ecological Twizy


At Live Electric Tours we offer our customers the best mobility solutions, with a fleet of 100% electric cars. Our vehicles are a real commitment to preserving the environment in urban areas – as proved by the award for best start-up in the world in the category of “Sustainability”, awarded in 2020 by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

In this article we introduce you to our Twizy E-Tech, a small and fun vehicle with a capacity for 2 people. 100% electric and with an automatic transmission that provides a fluid drive, with zero emissions, and without engine noise. The perfect option for exploring cities.

Totally innovative, its design matches its function: giving you total freedom. You'll get to know the cities at your own pace, stopping wherever and whenever you want, unhurriedly, and with no time limits.

With our cars, you don't pay for parking and will explore the city with maximum safety and comfort. All cars have an Airbag and all the necessary security measures for you to have a pleasant and safe experience. Each vehicle is insured against all risks.

Loading is simple, fast, and requires no specific installation. The electric Twizy E-Tech plugs into any household outlet and fully charges in just 3.5 hours. You can follow the evolution of battery charge thanks to the on-board computer. The electric Twizy automatic transmission is linked to an energy recovery system. When you lock or lift your foot off the pedal, you gain autonomy. Thanks to the econometer, you can monitor your energy consumption and know the remaining autonomy.

To make your experience unforgettable, we have equipped the car with many technological features: free wifi so you are always connected during the trip, a friendly GPS audio guide that will guide you through the city, and a fantastic camera built into the top of Twizy, which will record all your urban roadtrip and broadcast it live to your social networks, if you wish.

Comfortable, technological, and safe. It is the city vehicle par excellence.

Feel like driving one? Take our ride.

Make your reservation now and enjoy.

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