An experience full of technology


At Live Electric Tours our mission is to offer an unforgettable experience to those who trust us and choose us for city tours.

To make this trip a lot of fun, we have equipped our 100% electric Twizys with many technological features that delight those who visit us.

The internet modem we have installed inside the vehicle allows you to have free, unlimited wifi with excellent speed throughout the entire experience. In this way, tourists and locals who ride in Live Electric Tours cars are always connected and can take advantage of this to get to know the city even better while on the road. It is one of the features most appreciated by our customers, especially the younger ones.

The live camera that we incorporated into the top of the vehicle is a unique technology developed by Live Electric Tours. Combining with the modem's high-speed Internet, it allows people to broadcast their experience live to social media, allowing friends and family to follow them live on their adventures. This camera also records the entire trip and at the end we send the complete video, without any additional cost. Until today, more than 2000 customers requested the sending of the recording to keep a memory of this unforgettable experience.

Our virtual guide, Rita, is the audio GPS that will take you to know the city in a fun and relaxed way. With her sweet and enthusiastic voice, Rita delights our visitors, providing an unforgettable and explanatory journey through the most emblematic landmarks in the cities.

Live Electric Tours

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