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In this crazy post-pandemic world, everyone is looking for safety, privacy and autonomy in their travels. Whether they are short or long, going alone or with someone, for work or leisure.

Given recent circumstances, more and more people organize their own tours independently: they buy trips, research for hotels, prices, and establish their routes. Thanks to digital communities, there are also many more people who share their unforgettable journeys and routes for others to see.

What went well for some can help others. Don't you agree?

At Live Electric Tours we help you choose, plan and have the best possible experience during your vacation or tour. Take note of all the advantages we have to offer you that will help you discover the cities in a fun, private and environmentally friendly way:

Choose a pre-defined itinerary by selecting one of our themed tours or travel freely around the city in a completely autonomous, private and sustainable way.

Stop wherever and whenever you want, no rushes, no time limits, no queues. Take advantage of free parking throughout the city and feel free and in control of your time.

Who doesn't know the saying: “Whoever has a mouth goes to Rome”? And those who have internet go wherever they want! It has free and unlimited WiFi. Just connect it to your mobile phone while walking around the city.

With the help of the GPS Audio Guide, you'll be able to travel around the city in a fun and effective way, with lots of humor and interactivity, with plenty of tips and hidden secrets about the places you're passing through.

The live camera, placed on top of the vehicle, is a unique technology that Live Electric Tours developed and that allows you to record the entire experience and broadcast it live to social media, so that all your friends and family can enjoy the beautiful places that you are visiting.

The cars are safe and easy to drive, making them an excellent option for getting to know the cities. Fully automatic, they allow anyone to quickly adapt to this new ecological way of walking. Each vehicle possesses insurance against all risks.

At a time when the pandemic changes our routines and plans overnight, this start-up offers a flexible cancellation policy. Up to 24 hours before the start of your experience, you can cancel it and you will receive a full refund of your money.

With a 100% electric vehicle fleet and the adoption of ecological habits by all employees, Live Electric Tours helps building a greener future in the cities where it operates.

Discover the tour offer that Live Electric Tours has on its website and choose the experience that is most convenient for you. Make your reservation and explore Lisbon in a completely autonomous, private, innovative and sustainable way, behind the wheel of the small and fun Renault Twizy.

Make your reservation now and enjoy.

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