An autonomous and private experience


As we all know, covid-19 has left its marks and changed consumption habits in many markets, namely in Tourism. Although the moment is for the recovery of some normality in lifestyles, there are new habits that have taken root and are here to stay.

Studies show that people will be more careful in the most varied situations in their lives. Not going to a hospital without a mask, taking shelter at home if they have any illness, among others. And the Tourism sector is no exception. We realized that people will give more privilege to their autonomy and privacy, opting for experiences far from large crowds and where they can control the unfolding of events in the way they think is more convenient and safe.

At Live Electric Tours we have an experience fully adapted to these new times. Our tours are completely private, there are no crowds of people who do not know each other. The experience is entirely autonomous as the people drive the car, having the possibility of choosing a predefined route or designing their own route through the city. The cars are very easy to drive and 100% safe, with automatic gears and Insurance against all risks.

Are you curious about all the possibilities we have to offer? Have a completely autonomous and private experience with Live Electric Tours. Visit our tours page and discover all the experiences we have to offer you in the most varied cities.

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