We are your new traveling companions, closer, more electric, more environmentally friendly, more connected to you, to the world, to the internet, to social networks and to everything you really like.

You are free because after all this is your journey. You are the one who discovers the city and it is you who writes all the stories.

This is our ambition and how we want you to remember us after the holidays! Our fleet has 100% electric and environmentally friendly cars. You have the freedom to stop in your time and where you want, without time counting, without obligations, without stress.

100% YOURS. 100% ELECTRIC. 100% COOL!

And because we know that you do not really have the patience to listen to those discourses that never end up talking about history, kings and queens, museums, palaces and castles ... You are your guide. How do we help you? All cars are equipped with GPS audio guide, so you do not get lost. From there you make your own way!

And yes, we are linked to you, because you are connected to your friends.

So, do not waste a minute, you have everything free: Wifi, Internet, Hotspot, Facebook Live. Make your streaming and live sharing even with your grandparents and all those friends who are jealous of your vacations 🙂 You are always connected to the internet to share on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube. Wherever you want and everything you're feeling.


LIVE ELECTRIC TOURS is a brand of ELECTRIC RENT, a portuguese startup incubated in the Vodafone Power Lab Program, with the ambition of being a market leader in the promotion of electric vehicles, as key to the new mobility and sustainability of cities. The best partner of brands in the development and activation of strategies of customer engagement and sustainability.

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